HC forklift Company, a dedicated forklift maker in China, was founded in 1956. It became a great success since it was privatized in 2000 and it is now a world main player in this line.

Our growth is the result of our commitment to supply economic forklifts with high reliability to all our customers. HC forklift Company pursuits the application of new technology and utilizes global component resources such as Nissan, Isuzu engine and Danaher emotion AC controller system etc.
We supply hi-performance and economic forklifts with low maintenance costs.

With the new assembling hall, which expands over 15,000 square meters, our annual production capacity exceeds 30,000 units. HC forklift Company dominates the Chinese industry and ensures stability for users as well as dealers and distributors.

In order to service our customers from all over the world HC forklift Company continues to extend its sales and service network.
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