SAGO forklift was founded in 1998 as used forklift trading of Peter Sawitzki Slawomir in Czersk / Poland. Over time, the company established itself as a specialist for used trucks compact trucks, side loaders and Heavy Forklift. However, all other types of forklifts with the propulsion gas, electric or diesel, such as telehandlers and rough terrain truck, are firmly established in the used range of SAGO.

The high European demand for used trucks has led to a rapid growth of Gebrauchtstaplerwelt company so SAGO in 2001 expanded to Germany. Since then Peter Sawitzki maintains two additional sales offices of SAGO forklift in Hamburg / Germany and Feyzin / France.

Today the company employs over 50 employees in the areas of used forklift sales, forklift-conditioning, truck transport and forklift maintenance and repair services for trucks. In Poland SAGO is also successful traders representing the brand PAUS. With the help of our skilled and powerful teams electric, gas and diesel forklifts are comprehensively sold, rented and of course supervised embracing the service.

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